Mezcales Cósmicos
Beautiful and tasteful mexican mezcal

Green Business Partners
A Green Business experiment. It was design just with a circle which represents The Earth.
In middle of the circle could be posible the integration of nature images.

The Bazarama Project
A practical and original way to buy, sell and interchange whatever you want.
Designed with an old fashion tipography for a group of friends who want to begin a
new project business.

Estrategic BTL Team
Not an ortographic mistake. It is a mix between spanish and english in a business
for BTL projects and more.

Dichonario Mexicano
An original logotype for a pocket book which integrate 250 words and phrases which
are used daily in Mexico, but don’t even exist in traditionals dictionaries.

Andrade Escamilla & Asociados
Law Firm in Mexico and Chicago 2014
Isotype is based on an owl at the same time is a “A” of Andrade & Associated


Santa Malta Beer Bar
A business friend who love beer in a fancy place of Mexico City
A small bar where you can enjoy conversation and a good craft beer at affordable
prices in a fancy place of Mexico City (La Condesa) Isotype was inspired by the hearts of tin
created by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In Mexico they are called “miracles” and used to
ask help from the Saints.


MX Towers
New business of wireless communication infrastructure solutions. Operations
will begin in 2016. Isotype was inspired by the silhouette of communications towers
and acronyms that identify Mexico City


Ken Place Metal – Rock Band
Ironically this logotype was inspired in the smallest and most affordable piece of gear guitarists
own: A pick, a small piece of wood, metal or even plastic that produces a brighter sound and a
unique tone compared to play the instrument with the fingertip.

El Manual del Soltero
100 funny advices about living alone.
A Golf life experience. We add an active QR code to the logo.